FVP Holdings
Who Is Dr. David Moche?
20 May 2019

CEO of Qfinity Labs 


In 2019, Dr. David Moche was approached by Tim Booth of FVP Holdings. Booth had read of Dr. Moche’s work at Qfinity Labs and shared with him his vision. To harness the speed of quantum computing and apply it to the financial industry. Dr. Moche accepted his offer and the two have worked tirelessly, side by side, ever since.


Qfinity Labs was founded back in 2013. Their research focused on the utilisation of quantum computers to develop state of the art trading algorithms. The aim was to discover a method to beat the market consistently across all market conditions. Algorithms were developed to assess and monitor maximum information available, removing unpredictability and placing users in prime positions to trade with success. 


Who is Dr. David Moche? 


Dr. David Moche was born in Sarcelles, Paris, on January 15th 1976, to Jewish immigrants. He spent his early childhood here along with 4 siblings, but at the age of 5, his father relocated the family to Israel with the belief of greater opportunity. At the age of 12 he began to show a passion for computing. He attended high school in Tel Aviv. During these school years, he became a distinguished mathematician and earned a reputation as one of the top computer programmers for his age group. 


After graduating high school, he was offered a place to study Mathematical Economics at Gettysburg College, Pennsylvania. His American dream began at the age of 18 when he travelled to Gettysburg, PA with his older sister. It was during his freshman year that he began to take an interest in finance and banking. He later moved to Birkbeck, England where he went on to complete a PhD in Data Science at the University of London.


Upon completing his PhD in 2002, Dr. Moche remained in London where he joined Fulcrum Asset Management as their Principle Quantitative Strategist and Portfolio Manager of their Multi-Asset Volatility Fund.


In 2007, he returned to the U.S. to pursue a career in quantum computing with IBM as a quantum research analyst. During his 5 years with IBM, he conducted research in Boston and went on to graduate from the Quantum Computing program at MIT.


Dr. Moche left the U.S. in 2012 and returned to London to establish his own company. By 2013, he founded Qfinity Labs, where he could continue his work as a quantum computing specialist. After 6 years as their own entity, they were acquired by FVP Holdings, with the aim of strengthening the research and development capabilities of the group.


To this day, his team has been developing trading algorithms to create a usable product that can give FVP a competitive edge in the market.