FVP Holdings
Tim Booth: From High Street Banker to CEO of FVP Holdings.
16 Apr 2020

At a very young age, the millionaire was already showing a keen eye for finance having spent so much time in his father’s bank in London.


After completing school Tim went on to study at the University of Leeds where he got a BS in Accounting and Finance, he went on to get an MBA in Accounting and Finance at Durham University.


On leaving university Tim got his first job in finance as a corporate account specialist at Barclays Investment Bank in London. Since then he has gone on to work for the likes of Habibsons and Citi Bank where he honed his skills and was recognised as a leader and innovator.


During his career, he realised that there was a gap in the market to deliver a true customer-centric financial company which is when he founded FVP Holdings in 2017.


Since then he has created their CFD brokerage FVP Trade and acquired Global FX Technologies a U.S based Fintech company, Qfinity Labs a UK based quantum computing company and various other businesses to strengthen the FVP Groups portfolio.


With this portfolio of Companies, Tim believes he can change the face of CFD brokerages to benefit everyone, bringing the power of Quantum Computing to the financial world.


Tim said his success was down to “finding other independent thinkers who are on the same mission as me and who see things differently from me.”


Behind the Man.


About Tim Booth


As the CEO of FVP Holdings, Tim Booth represents the next generation of leadership for the UK based CFD Broker founded by himself in 2017. Eager to incorporate his skills and talents into the business, Tim has taken an unconventional, yet personally and professionally rewarding approach to FVP Holdings leadership.


Portrait of Tim Booth


Tim has been defining his role in “finance” for more than 30 years — even before founding FVP Holdings. in 2017. As the eldest son of one of London’s reputable bankers, Tim has dedicated much of his life to building upon his father’s pioneering vision to care for people’s finances by providing customer service that exceeds expectations.


A Lifetime of Service


Tim Booth literally grew up in his father’s bank – he jokingly says he’s been in the finance business since birth. When he and his siblings were very young, their father would take them to his bank where they would entertain customers and perform odd jobs. 


Where the People Are


Spending little time in the office, Tim is the driving force behind growing the company into a globally recognised business and the largest CFD brokerage in the world. Holding purposeful conversations, ideation sessions, and regularly meeting with clients at FVP Holdings events throughout the world, his leadership style stems from a personal belief that working in the field creates a two-fold return: gaining a clearer understanding of his customers’ needs and creating an authentic example of service to more than 1,000 staff and team members.


Remaining more focused on relationships than transactions, Tim spends each day seeking out opportunities to uphold the company’s efforts to provide genuine, heartfelt services, and ensure that clients have a remarkable experience. While a lot has changed over the years, one principle remains paramount: to work hard and be the best, because, as Tim puts it, “FVP Holdings is about people.”


A Servant-Leader


Over the years, Tim has become known as a respected leader, speaker, and influencer in the business community. He regularly shares his life lessons, business practices, trade secrets, and unrelenting spirit of generosity as it relates to leading others well. “Selfless, servant leadership is about action,” he says, “and the bottom line is that what we say and what we believe will only be as effective as what we are also willing to do.” To Tim, service is not just something he does; it’s something he lives. Service is helping. Service is smiling. Service is a handshake. It’s the Golden Rule. Tim believes that every moment of every day is another opportunity to encourage and bring happiness to others by serving them well. 


When he’s not travelling, speaking, and sharing the FVP story at corporate gatherings, business schools, and other events, he can be found behind on the trading floor at FVP Trade, because “that’s where the people are.”


Innovation is Everything


Tim is a voracious learner — always asking questions; always looking to gain new information. “Every day brings another chance for us to grow and learn something new,” he says.


One of his favourite quotes comes from a fellow businessman, Jack Welch: “If the rate of external change exceeds the rate of internal change, failure is imminent.” Tim applies that thinking to his day-to-day — forever trying to stay ahead of what’s next for his business and his clients.


Under Tim’s leadership, FVP Group has experienced tremendous growth — not just in numbers of clients and sales, but also geographically. With recent offices opening up in countries worldwide.


In addition to his focus on physical growth, Tim is also a key figure in championing digital expansion through the development of quantum computing with the acquisition of Qfinity Labs in May 2019.


A Community Influencer


Tim’s passion for his community can be felt through his involvement in numerous organizations, including Age UK and more recently with the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.


A Renaissance Man


At home, Tim is first and foremost a family man. He and his wife live on a farm in the UK, where they regularly host gatherings with their two sons and enjoy time with their three grandchildren. There Tim spreads his time developing a myriad of interests. “Believe it or not, FVP Holdings does not define me,” he says. “It’s a huge part of my life, but there are a lot of other meaningful things that make up who I am.” 


Tim also enjoys a quieter life with his keen interest in gardening and landscaping. He’s a former sportsman that still enjoys taking part in various activities and as a member of the local cycling club, he is seen hitting the open roads with his friends