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Powerful Habits To Succeed As A New Leader
29 May 2020

Powerful Habits

Earning your place as the new leader of your team requires a shift of identity. There’s a good chance you’ll succeed in your new role, however, it’s not guaranteed. As a new leader, you need to adapt the traits and skills faster than anyone else in order to succeed. Here are some powerful habits you need to go beyond success as a new leader!

1. Avoid Dominant Behaviour
One tends to let the power go to his/her head when they’ve earned their place as a leader, or a position of authority. Frankly speaking, a lot of leaders started off with great intentions and plans. They were going to do good and revolutionize their organizations. However as time goes by and when they get a bit of fame, they become a little less friendly to people beneath them. Rather than letting your ego get the best of you and hold on to your position, you must learn to adapt, transform with time, and let go when the time is right.

2. Build Trust Within Your New Team
You don’t get to handpick your team members every time when you are leading a new team. Along the working process, you will realize that they may not necessarily be as synced with you as the previous team you had. Consequently, many leaders will bring in their trusted team from their previous organization. Unfortunately, bringing in your “old buddies” could negatively impact team morale, particularly for the current team. Instead of playing favorites at the workplace, you should have more confidence in the team and give them a chance to align themselves with you.

3. Never Let Fear Hold You Back
As a new leader, you may have the fear of being replaced by other team members. The fear that you’re being second-guessed and challenged can drain your energy. With such fear, you will also hold back on developing talent in your team because of the constant fear of being outshone. This will result in an underperforming team who’s not motivated nor working beyond the call of duty.

Powerful Habits

4. Never Stop Learning
By engaging in learning, whether through books, courses, or training programs, leaders can develop themselves and learn how to lead themselves and others better. Every great leader knows that to continuously have an impact and be an even greater leader you need to keep learning.

5. Put Your Team First, Put Yourself Last
You will need to win much respect on the journey to become a leader and it’s challenging. Once you’ve become a new leader, everything you’ve done and earned for yourself is now your goal for your team. As a leader, you should empower your team members by recognizing their efforts and contributions, rewarding them for positive behavior, and helping them succeed. After all, your team’s successes speak louder than words.

6. Practice Effective Listening
Be aware that “yes boss” culture can be detrimental to your team. When everyone in the team is avoiding disagreement with the boss, idea sharing process will be suppressed. Your team can be your best ally in your pursuit of greatness and that’s why it’s imperative you listen to them and value their input. Therefore, as a new leader, you should encourage your team members to be vocal about their beliefs, reservations, and value and trust them to do the right thing.


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