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FVP Trade Launches Their Inaugural Online Global Summit
31 May 2021

Multiple award winning CFD Broker, FVP Trade, continued its rapid and aggressive expansion across the Asia Pacific region, by launching an online summit on Saturday the 22nd of May 2021.

The event was very well attended and at one point, saw numbers peaking at around 3000 guests online, and saw new and already established offices from around the region taking part.

At the event, we were also treated to the Grand opening of two new offices in the Chinese cities of Changsha and Xiamen. Only two months in from their “soft launch” back in March, the company now boasts an incredible array of offices across China and surrounding countries, as it targets 50 offices by the end of 2021.

The guest speakers on the day were Samuel Chow, who is the Deputy Regional Manager, and Keith Walker, the former Head of Risk, who is now heading up the Asian expansion as the Chief Marketing Development Officer.

During his speech, Mr. Walker mentioned his vision of opening a minimum of 50 offices throughout the region, a target they seem well on the way to achieving, and also went on to speak about the upcoming launch of the company’s Community App, which will coincide with the celebratory Mid Autumn Festival event.

Mr. Walker also went on to speak about the company’s ambitious  5-year plan, which included the company’s listing of IPO Shares, which will begin trading internally in 2022. He also mentioned the acquisition of a promising Blockchain Development company, and a decentralized lottery company in 2023, to shore up the firm’s quantum finance ecosystem.

Following the event, Mr. Walker said that “It filled me with pride watching on as I could see first hand the new office openings and the happiness it brought to the staff. There’s a lot of hard work going on behind the scenes to ensure that our goals and targets are met with this expansion plan. We have a fantastic team here and I’m looking forward to finally be able to meet some of the top market leaders in the very near future”

FVP Trade CEO Jonathan Greene noted, “We’re extremely excited by the opportunity of bringing our world-class trading platform, execution, and pricing to the vibrant retail and institutional market across Asia.”

He went on to say “Having operated in other markets over the past three years, I am pleased to offer the same level of product sophistication, pricing, analysis and execution, to retail investors across Asia, in countries that will include China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and many others across the East and South-East Asian regions.”

The launch, which coincides with FVP Trade’s 4th year of operations, is part of a global growth strategy that will cement FVP Trade as a global top 10 CFD provider by 2025.

Mr. Greene said, “Ultimately, what sets us apart from our competitors is our commitment to our clients and great service. We’ve modelled our product suite to empower our traders with all the tools, expert market insight, and client service they need to succeed on their trading journey.”

FVP Holdings CEO Tim Booth further added, “Asia is an important new region for us, it is renowned and well regulated. The economy is highly developed and embodies entrepreneurship and growth. We very much look forward to doing business across the region, and working together with the local regulators and government, to develop the industry in a sustainable manner.”


About FVP Trade

FVP Trade is an award-winning online global forex and CFD broker, known for delivering exceptional execution, client service, and award-winning customer service to clients around the world. FVP Trade is regulated by the National Futures Association (NFA), and as a Money Services Business (MSB) with the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC). They are also covered by WikiFX Eye Protection Centre (EPC) programme at category A level, giving their customers 10,000 USD worth of compensation protection, if in unforeseen circumstances, they were to fail.