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FVP Trade Kicks-Off Their UAE Expansion Plan with the iFX Expo, Dubai
17 Mar 2022

As the Chinese New Year began in earnest, FVP Trade has lived up to the year of the Tiger’s credentials by being bold, taking chances and getting set for a year of big wins. 

The first of these ‘big wins’ could be summed up with the fresh investment FVP Holdings has received from its long-standing capital investment partner, The Al-Mohannadi Group, who are based in Kuwait.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, FVP Holdings CEO and Founder, Mr. Tim Booth was joined by FVP Trade’s CMDO, Keith Walker, and Deputy Directors, Samuel Chow and Brandon Chong, for the signing ceremony held at the Pullman International Hotel in Downtown Dubai. 

FVP Holdings agreed to a further 5 year deal of a strategic investment partnership with The Al-Mohannadi Group, which was attended by Chairman, Omar Al-Mohannadi and his younger brother and CFO, Rashid Al-Mohannadi.

During Mr. Booth’s address, he talked about FVP’s partnership with The Al-Mohannadi Group, saying that “Three years ago, The Al-Mohannadi Group entrusted us with a seven figure portfolio to manage, but at FVP we always aim to exceed our clients’ expectations, and in this case, we surpassed all targets. This year, we’re going full-speed ahead with our expansion plans in the Middle-East and I’m delighted to announce that The Al-Mohannadi Group will become one of our key strategic partners in the region. They have a lot of resources and talent which we can definitely tap into, and I’m sure we’ll work very well together for many more years to come”.

The signing ceremony was not the only major event happening in Dubai during their trip. There was also the iFX Expo, held nearby at the World Trade Centre, where one of FVP Holdings’ subsidiaries FVP Trade was a Regional Sponsor.

FVP Trade flew in their events teams from the U.K. and Asia, with the day being a roaring success! The company also sponsored the very popular smoothie stand, which saw clients and fellow event teams treated to some free smoothies to kick start their day.

James Wilson, Head of the U.K. events team said “We’ve had a fantastic time in Dubai, I would usually be quite biassed towards FMLS in London, but I think it may have a new contender! We met some great people at the launch party last night and were able to follow up today on some good leads. We’ve also been onboarding new clients and when looking at the response we’ve received, we’re extremely optimistic for the company’s future in the region”

Tim Booth and Keith Walker also stopped by the event to meet with investors and also took time to speak with their current liquidity provider, Match Prime. 

FVP Trade capped off the day, lighting up the night sky over downtown Dubai with a three minute advertisement beamed onto the side of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, to mark their launch into the Middle-Eastern markets.

This was witnessed by Tim Booth and his guests, consisting of Al-Mohannadi representatives and some of FVP’s senior team. They watched the stunning display from an exclusive vantage point from a nearby high-level apartment as they commemorated their renewed partnership, the future and the prosperity of FVP Holdings and The Al-Mohannadi Group.

FVP Trade | Groundbreaking Appearance on Burj Khalifa’s LED Show

FVP’s visit to the region wasn’t completely dominated by business, they made sure to set aside some time to explore what Dubai had to offer in the way of activities and fun!

Keith Walker added, “I must admit, my team and I have been looking forward to the r&r days of this trip. Whilst we have visited the UAE on a few occasions we haven’t really had the opportunity to get out and about and see what the region has to offer, so for Samuel, Brandon and our events team to see Dubai from land, air and sea, which was quite an experience”

And they were not wrong! In the days that followed the iFX Expo, the U.K. and Asian teams merged together for an action packed itinerary for their “soar to the sky event” that saw them head out into the desert to try their hands at some quad biking and sand dune bashing in 4×4 vehicles. The next morning they then quite literally “soared to the sky” as the teams boarded four huge branded hot air balloons to watch the sunrise over Dubai.

Samuel Chow, Deputy Director of Marketing added “What an amazing experience, who knew the desert could be such fun! He might not be happy to hear me say this, but I was surprised to see Brandon get into the balloon as I heard on good authority he’s not too keen on heights! But it’s been such a great day I’m looking forward to what tomorrow will bring for us”

With the desert thrills behind them, the teams then made their way out to sea, where they boarded a luxury yacht chartered by Tim Booth and were all taken on a cruise around the Jumeirah Palm Island, taking in sights of the coast which included the Burj Al-Arab 7 star hotel. 

With a few days left remaining, the teams were then let loose on the city where they took in the sights from the top of the Burj Khalifa and also took the opportunity to visit one of the world’s biggest malls, The Dubai Mall. 

Keith Walker, CMDO of FVP Trade, summed the trip up by saying: 

“This was a crucial trip in terms of our strategic placement in the region. The extension of our deal with The Al-Mohannadi Group has made us well placed to better service our clients in the UAE for years to come. 

By sponsoring and attending the largest FinTech event in this part of the world, we’ve managed to not only connect with more essential businesses, but also learn about what our competitors are planning in the region, and what it will take to remain a market leader in the years to come. We now look forward to beginning our next rapid expansion plan across the Middle-East and will welcome IB’s and top clients to join us for future events that we’ll hold out here. As we look towards the end of the year, we have a 10k event being held right here in Dubai, along with the World Cup in nearby Qatar, which we look forward to inviting a whole host of our clients to be a part of. There is already so much to look forward to at FVP Trade, and we’re only just getting started!”

To see what the FVP team got up to on the rest of their trip, click the link below:

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