FVP Holdings
FVP Holdings Announces New Isle of Man Trading Office and Risk Management...
24 Oct 2018

Isle of Man, UK  Release: October 24th, 2018. For Immediate Release.

FVP Holdings CEO Tim Booth today announced the opening of FVP Trade’s first flagship office and risk management center based at 41 Victoria St, Douglas IM1 2LF, Isle of Man.

The offices will be home to a brand-new state of the art risk center, headed by Chief Risk Officer Keith Walker and his team, who recently joined FVP Holdings after the acquisition of his firm GlobalFX Technologies earlier in the year.

“We are delighted to announce the opening of our Isle of Man office,” said Tim Booth, CEO of FVP Holdings. He went on to say “This new office is the first flagship office for FVP Trade and it represents the strategic expansion of the FVP Holdings Group in UK. The new office is equipped with a state-of-the-art trading floor, under the leadership of the CEO for FVP Trade, Jonathan Greene. Keeping a keen eye over business is our CRO Keith Walker, in our newly constructed risk center. With their honed leadership skills, they will have all the tools at their disposal to drive FVP Trade forward into the future”.

The appointment of Keith Walker has been deemed somewhat of a coup for the FVP Group, as his newly developed software, Titanrisk and Titanrisk-Pro, look set to change the way in which risk analysis is handled within the FX industry.

“The overall setup here is truly remarkable,” Keith told us, “The first floor-to-ceiling set of displays are huge; they detail risk information from the firm’s asset management business, incorporating indices, forex, commodities, and metals. It also monitors operational readiness and capacity”.

“Our other screens display our market-making activities, operational readiness, and network connectivity related to the markets. With the touch of a button, our risk managers are able to drill down into multiple business lines in real-time, minimizing the risk exposure and monitor clients’ portfolios”.