FVP Holdings
FinVoyage Perpetual Limited
05 Nov 2019

FVP Holdings is a holdings company which invests and buy into great, undervalued companies across all industries. We offer retail and institutional investors the opportunity to own a portfolio of well managed companies which we are extremely confident will bring them above average market returns over a long period of time.

Management Philosophy


All our management efforts are directed towards serving our stakeholders to help them achieve above market returns without taking on high risk.

Intrinsic Long-term Value

Our major responsibility toward shareholders is to increase the Company’s intrinsic value by growing earnings over the long term. We pay little attention to quarterly results, and we’re willing to sacrifice short-term gains for greater returns in the future. We aim to be wise and careful stewards of our shareholders’ investment.


FVP Holdings operates in a decentralized manner. While sharing common goals and values, each of the Company’s divisions has its own identity, workplace culture and way of doing business. Division management is responsible for its operations.

Risk Taking

Finding better ways to serve customers, combat competitors and grow our businesses requires taking risks. This is especially true as the Company expands into emerging and nascent businesses. We know that not every new effort is going to succeed, but we don’t let fear of failure inhibit creative thinking. At the same time, we hate to make the same mistake twice.

Operating Efficiency

We take pride in running extremely lean and efficient operations that keep costs down without sacrificing our standards for quality.


FVP Holdings aims to be a responsible corporate citizen, and there are many ways we contribute to and serve the communities in which we do business in.

Career Development

FVP Holdings strives to be an exceptional place for people to work and a leader in hiring and promoting women and minorities. The Company actively promotes diversity.

We operate on the basis of mutual respect for all employees, and insist on the highest ethical and professional conduct. Developing challenging careers is an important objective of the Company. We benefit from having many different kinds of business operations, offering a variety of growth opportunities within one corporate family. The Company also recognizes the importance of striking a balance between work and home life.