FVP Holdings
“Brexit, Cryptos and FOMO” interview with Jonathan Greene, CEO of FVP Trade.
15 Jun 2020

First of all, I need to say that I’m glad to have the opportunity to speak with you Mr. Greene. You’re the CEO of FVP Trade, one of the world’s leading forex and CFD trading providers. Trading with an FVP Trade account is available for people from over 100 different countries. 

Your company is also FCA licensed which leads me to ask you about your opinion about Brexit. Is there any, possibly negative outcome of this event for FVP Trade?


The Brexit decision won’t have a major impact on FVP Trade as we are regulated by the FCA in the UK and by NFA and MSB (FINTRAC) in North America. I really hope that after the UK leaves the Union, much of the free movement of goods, capital, services, and people will be kept. Our client base is spread globally, meaning small regional changes will not have a negative impact to our overall operations moving forward.

Many of our users have concerns, that is why they are inclined towards investing. The rates of the GBP and the euro are going down. Many investors are worried about the future of Europe, that is why their course is more sustainable than usual. We also see that our clients are more willing to invest in the USA, with the USD going up.

What about current trends amongst financial regulators? The Central Bank of Ireland would like to ban forex trading for individuals. German BaFin is thinking about the same thing. It seems that CFDs don’t have goodwill in Europe. Is FVP Trade preparing for such a scenario in which CFD trading is banned?

We receive changes in regulations positively. It is important that those regulations are fully functioning. Regulators communicate the risk, and people should know this.

What are your plans for further FVP Trade’s development? Are you going to keep expanding on new markets or maybe you’d like to consolidate your current position?

FVP Trade has a bright vision of strategy for the next few years. We are creating a solid network, allowing both new and veteran traders an entry into the world of CFDs and forex. At the moment we have over 40,000 clients from more than 100 countries. Our core-markets at the moment are Europe, Asia and the Middle East. We plan to add new markets and currencies to FVP Trade’s portfolio. I want to underline that we not only provide the major currency pairs, tbut have also included options for many of the so called “minors”, as well as lesser traded indices such as the China A50, the DAX in Germany and the Japanese Nikkei. We want to build a product, which is friendly for our customers, easily accessible, comfortable and has a global reach.

Do you think PAMM and MAM trading are the future of trading at all? Or maybe, it will remain as an interesting alternative?

The main goal of FVP Trade is to allow everyone to manage their wealth in a simple and transparent manner. For this purpose, our partner, Qfinity Labs, created a groundbreaking network utilising the power of quantum computing to create algorithms to improve the performance of our PAMM and MAM trading. The sole aim of this is to process more data, faster, to give our clients a competitive edge. If customers want a more hands on approach, we still offer classic day trading options through the battletested platform MT4. The majority of the money in the world is still held by people who worked and made money for the past 30 years. Although many people who are 35-50 years old now and have grown up with the internet, expect a real-time mobile application, many still prefer the simplicity of getting a PDF once a month from a financial adviser or wealth management provider, the level of reporting and engagement that you typically expect from asset management. 

You’re not only a CEO but also a trader. Which assets do you count on this year?

Yes, I trade on my own accounts. Most recently for example, I traded Ethereum, because I saw a positive trend. I believe in Bitcoin and blockchains, with positive signs in recent months, suggesting they could even surpass gold as a safe standard for storing wealth. Recently we added options to trade more cryptocurrencies to our portfolio, including Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple. Many of our experienced team have followed cryptocurrencies since their early days. I think that this technology will be the future. A crucial factor is the high level of encryption and security which blockchain can offer. This appeal can only drive cryptos to new heights.

Many “crypto newbies” gawp at the current prices of the two leading (crypto) currencies, but there is still huge potential for growth. We are all conscious of the emotions of FOMO (fear of missing out) and knee jerk reactions, but as more companies adopt and create DeFi systems (decentralised finance), the demand for cryptos, particularly Ethereum, can only increase, pushing the value higher. It is important, however, to be aware of the risks in trading cryptos, as they can be very volatile and history would suggest that prices can crash almost without warning.