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8 Top Tips on How to Be a Good Manager for a...
14 Sep 2020

Good Manager

So you’re a sales manager. you almost certainly didn’t start that way. If I were guessing, you almost certainly got promoted because you were a sales super-star, but your new position isn’t anything like frontline sales…

There are numerous questions that always go unanswered for brand new sales managers. If you want to learn how to be a good manager for a sales team, fortunately, you’re in the right place to get some of the answers. 

8 Top Tips on How to Be a Good Manager for a Sales Team:

  1. Focus on Talent Development
  2. Coach Constant Learning
  3. Develop a Results Orientation
  4. Aim for a Target
  5. Make Time for Time Management
  6. Foster Your Communication Skills
  7. Always be Prepared
  8. Become an Expert in Your Industry

1. Focus on Talent Development.

This is the difficulty for several sales managers is that the majority grow into their positions as a result of exceptional performance on the frontlines, but were never groomed into great leaders or sales coaches. Making the transition to a teaching and facilitation role is often difficult.

One of the simplest strategies that I’ve found comes from an excellent book called Strengths Based Selling. during this book, the premise is that instead of trying to repair a person’s every weakness, instead work to reinforce their strengths. Consider that you simply have a rep that has 5 things that they’re exceptional at, and a few of things that they’re much but exceptional at. rather than giving them the gears whenever they create an error, attempt to minimize those weaker qualities, and permit them to specialize in further improving those areas that they’re already excelling in.

2. Coach Constant Learning.

Listen, it took me tons of years to understand that I needed to pursue constant learning if I wanted to continue growing and succeeding at my craft. By becoming a reader and a fanatical podcast listener, I used to be ready to learn tons of valuable lessons that aided me in my career growth. But, once I became a sales manager, something dawned on me, it had been now my job to make sure that my team was pursuing that very same growth.

Here’s how you’ll make constant learning the norm in your organization:

  • Put together a reading/listening list in the order that interested staff can inspect a number of your favorite books, podcasts, etc.
  • Give your team opportunities to develop leadership and management skills.
  • Use initiatives like daily learning activities, like employing a certain technique on their next customer.

3. Develop a Results Orientation.

What is your sales organization measuring? I’m getting to allow you in on a touching secret: if everything you’re measuring features a dollar sign attached thereto, then you’re using lagging measures. What you ought to actually be measuring are all of the actions that contribute to hitting or missing those overall measures.

Once you’ve established your leading measures, you’ve got to try to do the hard part, which is to stay in charge of meeting their goals. a part of this could be as simple as sitting down with reps to debate potential problems or blockers which may be preventing them from hitting the mark.

good manager

4. Aim for a Target.

Remember the whirlwind? The enemy of sustained productivity? If you don’t find how to combat the whirlwind, then you won’t be an efficient sales manager. Your troops need clear direction, a transparent target, and a transparent strategy to urge from “a” to “b”. If you get too trapped completing HR requests, calling delinquent clients, following up with recent closes, etc, then you only won’t meet your targets.

5. Make Time for Time Management.

The more troops you’re liable for and therefore the better their performance, the less time you’re getting to have. regardless of how large your team grows to be, you would like to make sure that you simply still have adequate time for the fundamentals.

Here are the things you can’t neglect:

  • Listening in on calls (for telesales organizations) or getting into the car and happening sales meets (street-level sales).
  • Allocating time for 1:1 meetings together with your reps to trace the growth and discuss important personal business.
  • Planning and goal setting in order that your team is conscious of (and tracking) their key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Hosting sales training sessions to drive home the worth of endless improvement.

6. Foster Your Communication Skills.

If you’re a sales manager, you’ve got to be an expert communicator. Sales are often one among the foremost volatile and emotional departments within any organization, and this makes your job particularly intricate. you would like to be ready to gauge people and situations in order that you recognize when to be stern when to apologize, the way to deliver a message clearly, the way to say it love it is, the way to be humble, and the way to try to to it all with a high degree of passion and conviction.

Here are some tips for becoming a far better communicator:

  • Learn to listen. The simplest way of building an understanding of your team is to listen to them.
  • Be confident altogether you say. Whether you’re having a troublesome conversation with a team member or dispensing some praise, leave no room for doubt.
  • Relax. You’ve been placed during a management position for a reason, so be yourself and let your messaging flow.

good manager

7. Always be Prepared. 

The whirlwind of injected tasks wears more heavily on leadership than the other group in a corporation. As a sales manager, you would like to be able to combat the whirlwind and make sure that you continue to have time to enter your meetings organized and ready. aren’t getting trapped within the trap of urgent, but not important tasks

A couple of pointers for maintaining preparedness:

  • Create a bank of coaching materials that you simply can always fall back on if the whirlwind eats up your scheduled prep time.
  • Place “do not disturb” or “do not book” blocks in your calendar at the start or the top of every day for your planning time.
  • Learn when to mention “no”. Sometimes you’ve got to prioritize.

8. Become an Expert in Your Industry.8 Top 

Whether you’re selling cars, software, or homes, you ought to be the highest resource and knowledge center for all of your troops. When have you ever spoken to a car salesman that didn’t know all of the small print and specs of the competition?

Your team is relying on you to deliver all of the knowledge they have to shine at their jobs and to continuously improve. And when your team encounters tough questions, they address you.

Here’s how you’ll become an expert in your industry:

  • Read major industry publications and therefore the latest articles from websites.
  • Stay on top of your sales reads and competitor data.
  • Follow leading sales influencers on social media channels.

good manager