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FVP Trade’s Ambitious 5 Year Plan Sees a Decentralised Future on the...

  With FVP Trade’s Global Summit in May still fresh in our minds, let’s take a closer look at the company’s ambitious “Five Year Plan”, which was spoken about in great detail by our firm’s Chief Market Development Officer, Keith Walker. FVP Trade has already begun a rapid expansion across the Asia-Pacific region, with an […]

FVP Trade Launches Their Inaugural Online Global Summit

Multiple award winning CFD Broker, FVP Trade, continued its rapid and aggressive expansion across the Asia Pacific region, by launching an online summit on Saturday the 22nd of May 2021. The event was very well attended and at one point, saw numbers peaking at around 3000 guests online, and saw new and already established offices […]

Dr. David Moche Explains About the Types of Algorithmic Trading Strategies and...

There are essentially five distinct sorts of trading strategies with regards to automated or algorithmic trading. They are: Momentum Mean reversion Market-making Statistical arbitrage Sentiment-based quantitative methods or technical indicators Perhaps the most straightforward strategy is just to follow the market trends with a purchase or sell order generated based on the set of conditions […]

Interview with Keith Walker (CRO) at FVP Trade by Finance Magnates.

Title: MAM accounts & Quantum Trading Algorithms 28/1/2021 How are you and how did FVP Trade perform in 2020? I am doing fine and have some good news to share. I became a father last year, so have been learning to juggle between work and family as well as I can.  As for the company, […]

“My most heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you.”

A message from our CEO, Tim Booth, thanking all employees for setting an extraordinary example of commitment, professionalism, and solidarity during the coronavirus outbreak. Dear friends and colleagues, The world is seeing a crisis of unprecedented nature and effects. All the scenarios experienced up until now have been suddenly overwhelmed by this unstoppable chain of […]

What Impact Will Brexit Have on CFD Brokers?

We’ve passed the half-way mark for 2020, has been an eventful and often unpredictable year for the foreign exchange (forex or FX) industry so far. Brexit, Coronavirus, and regulatory changes have all made their mark, and the remainder of the year is set to be just as volatile. One company that has thrived during this […]


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