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Our team invests and buys into great, undervalued companies across all industries. Our mission is to constantly deliver above average market returns for all our stakeholders.


What Impact Will Brexit Have on CFD Brokers?

We’ve passed the half-way mark for 2020, has been an eventful and often unpredictable year for the foreign exchange (forex or FX) industry so far. Brexit, Coronavirus, and regulatory changes have all made their mark, and the remainder of the year is set to be just as volatile. One company that has thrived during this […]

FVP Trade eyes Global Expansion and Growth by focusing on Trader’s Education

Jonathan Greene, CEO of FVP Trade While the Coronavirus pandemic may be hindering the world, it has not slowed down CFD broker FVP Trade, which is continuing to push onwards with its expansion plans. FVP Trade is embarking on a new phase of growth, which will see the broker expand its geographical presence across Europe […]

Our COVID-19 Donation Initiative

FVP Holdings is providing 1 million USD in charitable donations to support COVID-19 relief and recovery efforts around the world. Here’s how that money is being used. FVP Holdings first announced its COVID-19 donation fund on the 10th of June 2020. It focuses on three challenges: providing immediate medical relief, access to food, and care […]

FVP Trade’s Diversity & Equality Standards

For our employees to feel engaged, they must first feel included and valued. At FVP Trade we strive to build and nurture a culture where inclusiveness is a reflex, not an initiative. Where a deep sense of pride, passion, and belonging will transcend any role, business unit, language, or country and is unified in our […]

Workplace Regulations in Response to Covid Pandemic

The safety and health of all employees, customers, partners, and guests is a top priority for FVP Trade. We are therefore in constant and close contact with the responsible health authorities. Recommendations and instructions from the authorities are implemented. However, the current developments in the UK, Europe, and the Rest of the World show that […]

Our Approach to Risk Management

Our vision is to effectively manage risk in order to capitalise on opportunities and improve performance. Detailed risk estimation and management are key components of the investment process across all of our strategies. The key to our success has been well-constructed portfolios that will both outperform in good markets, as well as protecting the client’s […]


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